Saturday, November 7, 2009

Join us for the 1st annual Berthoud-Roubaix


Join us for a bicycle tour of scenic country roads around Berthoud, Colorado. About 50% of this 45 mile ride will be on dirt farm roads. Most of these roads are fairly smooth but expect a few stretches of wash-board surfaces and loose gravel. And plenty o' mud if it's wet. And maybe a rabid dog or two.

Where the dirt starts - North County Road 1

After starting out at RoadHouse bikes, the route heads east of town on County Road 10 (watch the crossing of CR10 and CR15 / S Lincoln Ave), then heads north on County Road 1. This is where the dirt starts. This portion of the ride (up to the crossing of County Road 3 and Highway 56) is generally flat with good road conditions. You'll pass by many nice old farms and several  large ponds / wetlands areas as you loop back south. 'Pastoral' is the word you'll be looking for.

Hummel Reservoir CR46

After crossing Highway 56 (take care as this can be a busy road) continue heading south on CR 3 and return to the dirt. This section of road gets a bit rougher and has the longest continuous stretch of climbing on the route. If you're on a fixie / single speed (all the cool kids will be) this will test your legs and / or choice of gearing. Top out the climb and head west on CR 36. It's downhill from here.

Head west on CR36 after the climb on CR3

From here the route meanders mostly west on sections of dirt and paved roads. A major land-mark is the Coors Grain facility at the intersection of Wasatch and North 115th street. You'll eventually end up at the intersection of Vermillion and Highway 287. We admit, this part of the route kind of sucks, as crossing the highway here can be a hassle if there is a lot of traffic. Please be careful. And please don't die. But it's worth the effort as there is a lot of nice riding further west.

Heading west of Hwy 287 on Vermillion Rd.

Continue west on Vermillion until you reach North 87th street. Here the route heads back north on a mix of paved and dirt roads, working it's way towards West County Road 4, turning into County Road 27. This has the last sustained bit of climbing on the route and runs through a beautiful area.

The high point of CR4 / CR27

Looking south down CR4 / CR27

From here you'll end up on West CR 8e, on the south east side of Carter Lake.  Head back east, and wave at the other Carter Lake bikers who will probably be much cleaner and drier than you if the roads were muddy. Cross CR 23 (take care here) and end back up on west County Road 10. This is the home stretch and the last bit of dirt road on the route. The last major road crossing is CR 17 (again, keep an eye out here).

After the ride (and weather permitting) we will have a BBQ and various tasty beverages on the deck at RoadHouse bikes. We are asking everyone who participates to pitch in $5 to help cover food and beverages. We might even give out a prize or three. If you have any questions, please contact Dan Shaver at 970-532-2088 or email at Hope to see you there!

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